Since 1985, DuCom Electric has established solid business relationships with facility owners, contractors, and engineers. These relationships reflect DuCom's strong commitment to offering a comprehensive package of services designed to solve the needs of its customers. Emphasizing quality craftsmanship, personal service, and safety, DuCom consistently proves to be a vital factor in the success of a variety of businesses.
Offering electrical construction, 24-hour emergency service, design-build, procurement, panel fabrication, process controls, and calibration, DuCom provides the turnkey solutions required in today's fast paced, technically changing world.

With the option of combining these products, customers have a single resource resulting in fewer scheduling conflicts, more cost-savings opportunities, and smooth progression through each project phase.

Without exception, DuCom provides the most qualified personnel available today. Our select management and estimating team and highly skilled electricians and apprentices regularly receive training on the latest techniques, materials, and safety topics. Top project managers coordinate all projects in a hands-on approach that is distinctly DuCom.

The DuCom team is enhanced by a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants handpicked to provide the best possible materials and service in the industry.

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